Dom Soviet, parliament. We stay in a flat behind.
Building near Fountain Square
Communist star
Day trip with Ilham and his Lada taxi
Desert thorn
Yanar Dag – natural gas comes out of the mtn
Ateshgar – ancient Shiva temple, with natural flame
Sanskrit carvings, Ateshgar
Exploring the temple cells
Shirvanshar’s palace, Old City, Baku
Nodding donkey draws oil from the ground
The beach at Mardakan
Teahouse conversations
The mosque at Shirvanshah’s palace
Baku’s martyr’s graveyard
Desert city fountains
Painful wait at the Kassa for ferry ticket
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April/May 2009
We’d clocked over 5000 kms on our odometer! An exhilerating ride that followed the Greater Caucasus mountains. And then a patient wait in the capital of Baku for a cargo ship to transport us over the Caspian Sea to Kazakhstan. However, there’s no schedule – it only leaves when it’s full and that could be any day (or night)...
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