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Here are a selection of our favourite articles from Krista’s previous trips. Click on the clippings to download.
Australian Yoga Life
Autumn 2008 Krista wrote this about trekking to the ancient Nepalese site of Muktinath in the Himalayas
Byron Shire Echo, June 2004
Raising money for Rainforest Rescue
Elle magazine, October 2001
An insightful glimpse into Krista’s 15,000 kilometre solo ride
Sydney Morning Herald
June 2001 Homecoming article. We like this article for the photos!
Australian Geographic
April – June 2001 Krista wrote this on the return from her 15,000 km solo ride

Australian Way, August 1996 This is the first article Krista ever wrote and is about her 3000 kilometre bike ride across Nullarbor desert
Kristabike Media
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Here are a selection of RideHimalaya articles.
Click on the articles to download.
Australian Geographic, June 2008
Byron Shire Echo, May 2008
Daventry Express, May 2008
inBaku, Summer 2009
inBaku, Summer 2009
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Australian Geographic Society Yearbook, Summer 2009