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RideHimalaya  London to Pakistan by bicycle
Between 2008 and 2009, we rode from London to the Himalayas in Pakistan as an example of how easy and fun it is to get on your bike and cover distance – whether that be to the shop, to work, to the next town, or to the Himalayas!
To read our stories from the road, please visit our blog page.
We also rode to raise money for our favourite charity – Rainforest Rescue. Rainforest Rescue is a not for profit organisation that is protecting the world’s rainforests and helping combat climate change.
We chose to travel sustainably because the planet needs us to slow down. It’s just too easy today to plug in and consume.
On our bikes we had a few simple possessions, a few simple needs – and because we were inspired, we relied far less on external resources.
This simple daily ‘exercise’ made us feel more in-tune with ourselves and the world around us. This non-polluting mode of transport helped us to reduce our carbon footprint.
This life is more about the journey than the destination.
Get on your bike!
Contact us if you would like to “Ride for the Rainforest” with us.
RideHimalaya ROUTE
Europe: Our expedition commenced 1 June 2008 in London.
We cycled across the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.
We spent Winter 2008 working and resting in Istanbul, Turkey.
In Spring 2009, we cycled through Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan.
Central Asia: Crossing the Caspian Sea from Baku in Azerbaijan, our route took us through Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.
Himalaya: We reached the Himalayas by cycling from China into Pakistan via the Karakorum Highway.
Total distance:  
8,811 kilometres (approx. 5,500 miles)
Thank you to all the generous people who donated to Rainforest Rescue.
A big thanks also to everyone who helped us along the way – whether you gave us directions, a place to sleep, or fed us, your kindness and energy filled us with strength and inspiration.
Krista Bernard
Cycling, the turn of the wheel, is my analogy for life. Within this ever-changing terrain without and within, I gather strength. And as I watch my mind, heart and breath throughout the uphill, the downhill, the rough and the smooth, I imagine myself a little closer towards that effortless freewheel.  
My passion for long-distance cycling started in 1991, when I cycled down Australia’s East Coast, around Tasmania, and across the grand and harsh Nullarbor and Central Deserts.
My first international trip was a 15,000 kilometre solo ride from Indonesia to Egypt (1996-2000).
My second world bicycle ride was from London to Pakistan – which you can read about on this website.
To find out more about all of my other rides visit the kristabike page.
Daniel Coward
I’m a lover of sport and nature, and find it enjoyable and energising to ride my bike.
Cycling gives me a childlike sense of adventure. It connects me with the world. Cycle trekking allows me to share a part of people’s lives all over the world whom I ordinarily wouldn’t get to meet.
As we cycled across continents,
I enjoyed seeing the environment and landscape change around me and I relished living more closely with nature.
For me, this journey represented freedom and was a time to share something magical and unique with Krista.
RideHimalaya supports the work of Rainforest Rescue, a not for profit organisation working to Protect Rainforests Forever.
If you would like to donate to Rainforest Rescue, just click here. Thank you!  
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